La première STMG L.I.A. (Langues Interdisciplinarité Action) a fait sa première rentrée en septembre 2018.

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- Compte rendu en Anglais de la visite de "l'EXPO DE OUF", visitée dans le quartier Gambetta lors de la sortie d'intégration.

We are studying Street Art in class. We are learning about famous street artists, such as Banksy or Keith Harring.

On Friday, the fourteenth of September we went to the center of Nîmes to see some local murals in a neglected neighbourhood.

During the visit, an organization, whose name is Locomotiv, welcomed us. It organizes a festival called « L’Expo de OUF »,

To make street artists come and paint the walls of the area. It also offers goods and services :

it has a restaurant, a bar, a concert hall, and skate shop. They brew/make their own beer as well.

Nîmes’ city council also wants to participate and create an urban planning projects that would contribute to add social diversity to the area and change our look on deprived neighbourhood.

The street Art festival and the people involved in the organization have become quite important.

This is how they bring a happy and lively atmosphere to this part of the city.

People from different social backgroundsget together and enjoy colourful, original and beautiful Artworks.


Decembre : Art week in Lycée Lamour

Human suicide

We have chosen this picture because it shows the reality of what is happening in the world. In the picture, there are many men who are cutting their legs with axes. In real life humans are the cause of deforestation. We have destroyed most natural landscapes of the the planet. The picture is showing that if you destroy the environment it is as if you are hurting yourself.  We should remember our roots and our mother earth.